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Be faster than your competitors in Emerging Markets?

Yes, but the "conquest" of Emerging Markets cannot be a short term decision.

Business development in Emerging Markets cannot be improvised and can be a long and laborious process that does not always end up in a success. Investments are heavy, human resources not easy to find, logistics and quality sometimes difficult to manage. An Analysis of the logistics costs and the costs for qualified resources can quickly change your appreciation of the investments to be done.

SUCCESS IN EMERGING MARKETS mainly relies on the ability to adapt your organization and values to the new conditions quickly, but to maintain at the same time your original value and quality standards, as well as your overall competitiveness. As such there are winners and losers based upon how efficiently and effectively those values are applied. One country may have a competitive advantage, but unless it uses that advantage, it will still lose in the end.

In a changing world, the companies sometimes choose to continue doing business largely as usual - with no real attempt to compete and structure and anticipate consumer and other indicators for success. Companies are getting unfocused, employees demotivated and frustrated.

Xavantes has developed specific and on-demand services for International Strategy Consulting in Emerging Countries:

Xavantes proposes consulting offerings who are completely adapted to your needs. And pushes solutions adapted to your company values. XAVANTES has developed these consulting services to be able to accompany your company right from the idea of a project, to its local implementation, with the assistance of the local partners. These services are accompanied by audit supports and other appropriate documents, to analyse your decisions in the most objective manner.

Global Business & Mergers

Elaborate the right Strategy and study the impact

Strategic Business Development

We assist our clients in the definition of their Market Entry Strategy and the commercial approach, and to identify the most appropriate country for certain operations. We study the impact of the Business Development Strategy (studies, benchmarking, logistics analysis,…)

Target the right companies and manage the acquisition / partnership

Strategic Mergers & Acquisitions

We assist you in realizing your acquisition (targeting of companies who correspond to your strategy, approach of the targets, accompany the deal locally, …)

The Context:

According to our research, in 2014, over 30% of French companies recorded higher margins in Emerging Markets than in developed markets. And only 20% of companies expect a substantial growth of their turnover in developed markets over the next three years. Over 75% of exporting SMEs want to expand their export activities in the next two years, 40% strongly. Nearly one in two SMEs is pushed in this direction by the saturation of markets in the domestic market. XAVANTES can assist you in your business development activities globally.

How to develop your business at best?

But the business development in emerging markets cannot be improvised and can sometimes be long and laborious, but without always bear fruit. Investments are heavy, difficult access to human resources, logistics and quality are sometimes difficult to manage. Reflection on the IMPACT of logistics costs or costs of qualified resources can quickly change your appreciation of the value of the investment.

Acquire a company or move in with a subsidiary in Emerging Countries?

Sometimes it is more advantageous to acquire an existing company, and go quickly to customers, instead of wasting valuable time with administrative efforts. Sometimes it is even more suitable to create long-term partnerships with companies that represent synergies. And, if your business is very competitive and the risks of litigation are important, it will be more appropriate to conduct your own installation, without purchasing market shares from possible competitors. All this must be analyzed BEFORE targeting companies to prospect.

Our reply

We help our clients to better understand certain Emerging Markets and to gain market shares. We assist them to achieve successful corporate acquisitions.

With opportunity studies conducted by international and local experts. These opportunities may cover acquisitions in target countries or distribution partnerships. The studies allow to target the most interesting countries for selling your products and services, and for analyzing the risk of such an operation.

We identify the acquisition targets, and accompany the M&A process, both in the countries of our customers, AND in the target country. Xavanet, our global network, enables us to identify targets within three months, so that an M & A transaction usually takes no more than a year.

Global Presence & Offshoring

Rethink your « Make or Buy » and Offshore Strategy:

Offshore Coaching / CEDEX

Analysis of your global presence strategy, of your production and developments to come, Make or Buy rethinking, compare «low cost» proposals. Analysis of the efficiency / feasibility of offshoring in your organisation, assistance in change, implementation, partner research.

Materialize a local presence and production:

Presence & Production

Assistance in implementation of production, efficiency and production improvement, management of change. Quality Insurance. Assistance for the implementation of global strategies for Talent Management. Analysis of existing resources and improvement of knowledge transfer with your existing teams. Expat Coaching.

The Context

The debate about offshoring and globalization raised more and more controversy, especially in this time of economic crisis. Should the companies “resign” themselves to offshoring or outsource their production sites in order to remain competitive? Often they have no choice, it is their prime contractor who imposes their choice.

The main challenge of globalization today is the conquest of KNOW-HOW and BRAINS ! And those who will be able to use the "gray matter" available in the coming decades at best, will win this global race. We are convinced that the key to the success of our clients will be their ability to be ahead of their markets by practicing "systematic and sustainable innovation" and not "episodic and ephemeral innovation".

In most European companies, improving productivity as a competitive lever has already been tried and retried, and no longer makes significant gains. Globalization is accompanied by a real "industrial nomadism", caused by the systematic search of the lowest labor costs. But one must still ask the question whether there is still a coherent strategy behind all these decisions.

For European companies, often bearing the brunt of the current economic crisis, it is essential to return to these strategic questions: should the company focus on the core business and outsource in Emerging Countries only the costly activities, or else continue to fight for their competitiveness with their European workforce?

Companies should reconsider the geographical distribution of trade and global demand over the long term. By rethinking their global supply for the products and services they need to assess carefully the importance of speed, availability of skills, potential productivity gains in Asia, transition costs, the involvement of taxes import and organizational interfaces.

The changes and decisions (be they for - or against - offshoring and delocalization) have to be closely accompanied and "coached"! Xavantes has developed an Offshore Coaching Model, in which all barriers, be they cultural, technical or linguistic, can be analyzed and removed in the smoothest way.

Our Reply

With Xavantes Global Presence & Offshoring, we assist companies in deciding where and how to offshore, in finding the right outsourcing or production partner, in setting up your own Offshore Development Centre and in recruiting the teams and assuring quality issues.

We help our clients make the right decision, produce in their country of origin, or outsource part of the production in countries like North Africa, China or India? Once the outsourcing or offshoring decision is taken, we assist our clients in establishing Offshore Development Centers or outsourcing their local and global activities to partners in emerging countries. We offer the availability of qualified and trained staff in offices throughout the world.

We train local talent and coach your staff and your expatriates. We define management strategies for your global employees and identify gaps in knowledge to your operations in countries. We provide talent management solutions and are promoting your business. We apply European standards